Our Story

Colin and Caleb met in the mid-90s working for the same architecture firm in Aspen, Colorado. 10 years later, we met Daniel socially in New York City. With complementary skillsets and a shared love of the Hudson Valley and the Catskill Mountains, we started Topos Development in 2017. We believe in creating sustainable housing solutions that work with nature without compromising appearance, style and comfort.

Our Team


Colin and Caleb founded Mapos, a globally recognized and award winning team of designers and architects, in 2008. Our modern and intimate designs put people first and fit naturally in their environment to connect people to place and to one another. The results create high-quality and high-performance designs that add value to your investment whether it be a home, a development, a community initiative, a start-up or a global brand. We listen and observe and design with empathy for the real people who are the heart of your project. This ensures that once our work with you is complete, your project will have a long and healthy life. Colin has architecture degrees from Carnegie Mellon and Yale Universities. He currently lives in Brooklyn and Woodstock, NY. Caleb has architecture degrees from Cornell and Syracuse Universities. He currently lives in Brooklyn and Mt. Tom, CT


Daniel has been an active advisor, angel investor and institutional investor for the past 20 years across real estate, venture capital, private debt and public equities. In addition, he has also raised capital and structured investment vehicles for hedge funds and private equity-format vehicles for venture capital, corporate debt and real estate. He has been investing and/or forming investment vehicles at such institutions as Goldman Sachs, Ermitage, Garrison, Serengeti and SOSV. Daniel did his undergraduate degree at the University of Pennsylvania. He currently lives in Woodstock, NY.