South Hill homes are sited with the very best views—reservoir, mountain, meadow—taking advantage of sunlight and wind, with the intention of disturbing as little of the natural landscape as possible. Keeping that in mind, customization of your dream home is easy. Choose from a curated series of materials, site accessories, landscaping options, and housing upgrades to create your own vision. From materials to furniture, no detail is too big or too small when building your Upstate escape to fit your lifestyle goals.


Add a powder room to your house and add convenience and comfort for your family and guests. Discreet and efficient in size, this powder room adds great value to your home without sacrificing any space.


By choosing to screen your covered porch, you will be able to get more use out of your outdoor space and enjoy it more often by providing bug protection and privacy. By adding a transparent screen you get all the benefits without compromising your view.


With views that face away from those of the main house, the master bedroom offers a private and calming atmosphere. Adding a private deck increases functionality to this space and allows you to be in the moment in this beautiful landscape.


Skylights can dramatically enhance the design of your home and bring in even more natural light, particularly during the winter months when days are shorter and there is less sunlight. This means less use of artificial lighting and energy savings.


Increase the amount of counter space, storage, and eating surfaces. With an open concept plan, you also get to entertain and interact with people not in the kitchen with you while you’re cooking.


The biggest advantage of a wood burning stove is the heat quality of the unit. Wood stoves warm an area faster and more efficiently than warm air being blown through a home’s vent system. Stûv 16 showcases the spectacle of flames through their refined design.


Geothermal power can provide consistent electricity throughout the day and year—continuous baseload power and flexible power to support the needs of variable renewable energy resources, such as wind and solar.


Share your slice of utopia with friends and family without sacrificing privacy. This charming guest house is sure to impress with timeless comfort and stunning views any time of year.


Strikingly modern and elegantly minimalist, the clean lines of this swimming pool blend seamlessly into the natural environment.


Relax and unplug. This handcrafted sauna built from locally-sourced wood is the ultimate way to unwind on an autumn or winter evening.

Additional Upgrades

Space Theory Kitchen by Henrybuilt

Mapos is partnering with Space Theory to create a new level of relaxed order, quality and pleasure while cooking, socializing and simply living. To give you this experience, we’ve designed a uniquely functional kitchen that gives you simplicity, flexibility and durability, along with a great look.

Solar Photovoltaic System

Photovoltaic systems are quiet and visually unobtrusive. Electricity produced by solar cells is clean and silent. Because the only fuel they use is sunshine, PV systems do not release any harmful air nor water pollution into the environment, deplete natural resources, nor endanger animal nor human health.

Zero Mass Water System

Zero Mass Water replaces the need for plastic bottles or costly water filtration systems. Make your own renewable, balanced drinking water without any additional infrastructure by squeezing potable water from the air. Using solar power, a single system can produce enough drinking water for two to three people each day.

Power Generator (Propane)

A generator is more than just a power source: It’s a way to protect your house against inclement weather. Propane is a clean-burning fuel, and propane generators require less maintenance, which means more reliability and longer lasting performance.

Garage and/or Studio Workshop

Enjoy this spacious, energy-efficient, detached garage or workspace. Perfect for a home office, extra storage, or working on your pet project.

Outdoor Shower

Step outside for the ideal combination of modern luxury and natural splendor. This private outdoor shower is perfect for cooling off in the summer or for an invigorating wake-up in cooler months.

Raised-Bed Vegetable & Herb Garden

Growing your own vegetables to live a more sustainable life is enabled with a raised bed garden.